Teachers live in constant states of reinvention. By design, the role of an educator is to examine current states both within the classroom and within the world and find ways to adjust and pivot depending on what is in the best interest of students and learning. Perhaps more than any year in recent past, 2016 incited many questions and unknowns for teachers – leaving room for much uncertainty, but also offering great opportunity for exploration and growth.

The first weeks of our new year have provided good space and time for reflection. Many teachers found themselves asking: “Where are we at?” and“Where do we want to go?” For some, social media became a platform for discussion and consideration. Following in the participatory learning model in education, a major trend we saw ignite and begin to take shape in 2016, many teachers started the year by joining in the #oneword2017 project. After examining and finding areas for growth, teachers from all around the world took to social media to share blog posts, digital posters, and sentiments all expressive of their selected “one word” for 2017 that was most representative of their goals and passions for the year. Some words called for action; others revealed moonshot aspirations that dreamed to make the impossible possible. But, all brought foresight and anticipation for a year full of hope and progress.

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