In today’s mobile-centric, always connected school environments, keeping up with new technology trends can have a major impact on your continued ability to offer your students the education they want and need.

Schools now recognize the influence wireless and mobile technologies are having on their students as well as how it’s shaping new ways of thinking and teaching. More colleges and universities are starting to get on board with utilizing newer learning methods for higher education that are targeted to how students want to learn and what are most effective for them to succeed not only in the classroom but after they graduate.

In order to modernize their campuses for today’s digital-native students, many schools are continuing to increase investments in technology related to learning. In fact, funding for educational technology jumped 55% in 2014 and will only increase year-over-year, according to CB Insights.

In addition, Global Industry Analysts (GIA) puts the global e-learning market at $107 billion by the end of 2015, driven by technological advancements and demand for additional skills influenced by wireless and mobile.



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